Wednesday, 16 September 2009

British Private Military Contractor hung out to dry by ArmorGroup

ArmorGroup, the Private Military Company who employed Danny Fitzsimons, the Private Military Contractor languishing in an Iraq cell on a premeditated Murder charge after the deaths of two of his colleagues appear to have today removed him from their Christmas Card list and their employ in a cowardly abdicating of their Duty of Care towards him.

In a statement published today ArmorGroup announce that they have dismissed him from the company on the grounds of gross misconduct. What message do they imagine this sends to the Iraqi authorities? And what happened to their duty of care towards their staff?

They boast that although Mr Fitzsimons is no longer an employee of the company, they are doing what they can to ensure that his human rights are met whilst in Iraqi custody by providing him with...wait for it... food, water, clothing and toiletries. Providing Danny with scoff and shower gel isn't fulfilling their duty of care! They sent him out there and to ditch him out there now with the very real prospect of a death sentence is the same disgusting way as the British government acts when they also fail so many times in their duty of care towards their employees.

ArmorGroup have binned a further employee on the grounds of gross misconduct and say they have also now carried out a detailed investigation into their screening policy and processes and that Danny's screening was not completed in line with the company’s procedures.

So they admit then, that they failed to screen him properly and heads seem to have rolled within the company for their failures and yet they attempt to abdicate their responsibilities towards their man facing death in Iraq.

Shame on you ArmorGroup. Shame on you.

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