Friday, 18 September 2009

Jeremy Clarkson and his entitlement to Free speech
Jeremy Clarkson has been targeted in a manure dump protest by climate campaigners.
Climate Rush activists trespassed at his home and left six bags of horse manure in protest at BBC presenter's controversial views on the environment.

This is intimidation and bullying tactics. These misguided souls have trespassed at his home on his private property. If it was animal rights they were protesting about at a scientists private abode they would now no doubt be arrested under anti-terrorism laws.

If they wanted to protest something Clarkson, in work mode, said, then they should have done so at a studio for example who employ him.

I am all for people taking direct action. It can't be encouraged enough. But this was a tad misdirected. To intrude on this man's private home life is not right.

Perhaps these women should be made to give him their home addresses so that he can return the favour and take a shit on their front lawns.

Jeremy Clarkson carry on...

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  1. Totally agree. It's always the way with 'protesters' like them. In their own wee world, they are right and everyone else is wrong.