Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The persecution of Christians and the elevation of Homosexuality

So it seems we have to make a choice...
Either we are for the promotion of Homosexual behaviour or we are in danger of losing our jobs and our respected places in society.
Of course there's another choice- and that is, To lie or keep quiet.
Bible believing Christians have no choice really though- as our dear Lord himself has called us to Preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ- and so we have to tell people what it's all about...evangelise...give people the opportunity to hear what God has done for them in sending his only begotton son to die for their Sins once and for all upon the cross at Calvary.
Quiet Christianity as a personal faith may be the English way, and even the most evangelical of us must be sensitive to the English way of course...but we are called to say it how it is ...and this includes touching on the subject of our sexual immorality and behaviours.
The bible makes it pretty clear on the subject of a man laying with another man...and I won't spell it out here as Liarblair are still in power for another day and as I've had to sell my house to pay the fuel bills and still have a day's worth of putting stuff into storage befor becoming homeless with my daughter, two dogs and two kittens, I can live without a nutty arrest by the gestapo just now.
And so Christians are being suspended from their jobs, and losing their jobs- because they wear a cross or offer to pray...and now David Cameron has suspended a prospective Parliamentary candidate simply because he stated the bible position on homosexual activity and whilst expressing the need for tolerance stated his concern over the promotion of homosexuality amongst children. The next Prime Minister (God help us all) persecuting a Christian. And no one even seems to notice.
A Christian cannot state his Christian views in England anymore without fear of arrest, loss of his job and persecution by the Law and politicians and media.
What are we going to do about it?